Sole-Mizo Develops Three Facilities in HuF 5 BN Investement

Economy Gastro

Hungary’s largest dairy company, Sole-Mizo, has undertaken developments at three of its facilities, investing 5 billion forints (EUR 13.9m), Finance Minister Mihály Varga said on Friday.


The investments, which helped preserve 1,225 jobs, were supported by a 2.2 billion government grant, Varga said on Facebook. Sole-Mizo expanded its cheese plant in Bácsbokod, set up a pulverising plant in Csorna and modernised and expanded production in Szeged, Varga said.

The company processes 400 million litres of milk a year, and ensures the livelihood of a multitude of milk suppliers as the largest buyer in Hungary, Varga noted. The company was supported within the framework of the government’s support scheme for the investment projects of large companies, which has so far supported 53 firms in investing 110 billion forints, preserving and creating some 22,500 jobs, he said. The government is mulling raising the budget of the scheme by a further 25 billion forints should it become necessary, Varga said. The government sees quality food production supplying for all Hungarians’ needs as of strategic importance, Varga said. The food industry and agriculture will receive 1,500 billion forints in the next 2 years, Varga said.


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