How much does the life of a citizen cost?


Hungarian society is pretty divided by the government’s epidemiological measures. Compared to how quickly the Boss reacted in the spring, now we can see that the measure is progressing slowly, toddlingly, and even though more and more people in the Party ask for more restrictions, Viktor Orbán doesn’t really listen to them. Money seems to be more important. Although, the forever optimist central bank president’s prediction did not come true i.e. the economy will not even feel the spring restrictions, it has been proven that yes, it will.

GDP has fallen, purchasing power has fallen, inflation has risen, the number of the unemployed has risen, too. Watching this, the government would rather close those places that could be easily missed by the people for a few months. Is a theater, a cinema, or other cultural institution profitable if only one third of the chairs can be used? I don’t think so.

Even though breathing machines have been purchased, there are no sufficient number of trained health workers to operate them. Hospitals have been struggling with the lack of space for weeks and doctors are literally lords of life and death. Today, in Hungary, secondly, they decide who can live and who cannot as the capacities are finite. However, the primary responsibility is on Viktor Orbán and on his money-hungry comrades. All the blood and tears that come with the epidemic are theirs.

An analysis was probably carried out at the Buda Castle on how much would it cost if the economy would fall again with more severe restrictions, how many unemployed, bankrupt companies and unpaid taxes would be generated. They may think that the Hungarian society can bear a few thousands or even 10,000 deaths if the economy is working, but they see it poorly. The society can’t stand that much. And the government can distribute benefits, solar panel subsidies and soft loans, too. Our lost relatives and friends cannot be replaced with money.

Sándor N.Nagy

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