A campaign trick or real help

Local News

The government will help the Gipsy society with the removal of the gypsy settlements and a Public Work Programme.

These can be the solution for the employment problems of the gypsy population together with the Equal Opportunity Programmes -said Laszlo Teleki commissioner of the prime minister in gypsy issues.

The meaning of these two programmes that the goverment take care of those uneducated people who not even finished high school and also dealing with those who already has qualification.

The Nyirerdo forestry company employ 1100 unemployed people, including 30% gypsy workers. The 60%
of the gypsy population participate in these kind of seasonal public work programmes.

Over the next four years the government wants to spend one billion forints to eleminate the gypsy
settlements. Such plans have already launched five years ago by the government.

Istvan Aba-Horvath the president of the county"s gypsy minority government said
that is funny that they always want to help the gypsies in the year of elections.

We have to say today that any public work or chance balancing programmes announced in the year of election is rather part of the campaign then a part of a real social programme.

On the report of the National Audit Office was written that the government spent 120 billion forints to improve the gypsy"s quality of life but only 12-15 billion forints reached the gypsy people.


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