Dangerous to bees!

Local News

The city council is asking the beekepers to put the bee families into a safe
place during the mosquito spraying, because the liquid could be dangerous
to bees.

The recently hot and humid weather is responsible for the high amount of mosquitos in Debrecen area. The Urban Management Department of the City of Debrecen carried out mosquito sprayingbetween6pm and 9pm
on July 2 and July 3.
The spraying affected a 5000 hectares area of the city and was delivered from the air by a special company.
The spraying cost a 8 750 000 HUF.If it isnecessary a second spraying will be added.
The used anti-mosquito material is on the Bela Johan National Epidemiological Centre`s list of authorized agents.

The anti-mosquito liquid is highly dangerous to bees please keep them out of reach during the sprayings.

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