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Many decisions were made at the 2011 general meeting in the City Council of Debrecen on the last Thursday of January.

Akos Balazs was chosen to be the head of the ownership comittee, Laszlo Czeller became the representative member of the ownership comittee and Dr. Sandor Kiss, the representative member of the procedural comittee.
The directorate of the Debrecen Asset Management Zrt. was also chosen. The new head of the directorate is now Dr. Jozsef Meszaros. Other members of the directorate: Zoltan Kotosmann, Andras Fodor, Dr. Zoltan Bács, Dr. Gyorgy Ronai. The new members of the asset management supevisory board are: Gyula Gyori, Dr. Laszlo Mancsiczky, Imre Hernyak, Gabor Rezes, Sandor Varanyi.
Instead of empoyment relationship, Gabor Gulyas director of Modem continues his work there with an agency status until the 1 June since he was comissioned to manage the Mucsarnok in Budapest from 1 February.
The tender for the leadership of the Debrecen Philharmonic Band and Kodaly Choir was declared unsuccessful. But the company manager and a member of the directorate for DVSC Football Organizing Zrt. were elected; Sandor Szilagyi became the former and Istvan Kovacs, the latter. The 70 year-old Bela Ockenfusz’s assignment as jury at the City Court was ended.
The leaders of the city were in favour of the idea of introducing the international GCE and they discussed several questions in connection with it.
According to plans, the abandoned youth theme park in Nador Street will become an adventure park in the future. A decision was made about building the center of the Hajdu-Bihar County Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Nador Street 13. Six ethnic governments received new offices (Bulgarian: Lehel Street 14, Roma:Csapo Street 58, Armenian: Batthyany Street 20, Roman, German, Rusyn: Piac Street 20.
The general meeting voted in connection with developing the roads of Debrecen, too. There will be invitations to tender for reconstructing some parts of Highway 33 and the Boszormenyi-Furedi junction.

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