Plans for reducing crime in Debrecen

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The number of personal injury cases declined by 16% in Debrecen. However, there is a lot to do in order to decrease the number of cases against property, as Attila Uzonyi local police chief said. The leaders adopted a 5 phase plan to strengthen security.

Within one year they managed to decrease the number of personal injuries (from 464 to 412 per year). Attila Uzonyi also noted that drivers took it more seriously to keep the speed limits than last year. The captain also said that the number of thefts increased in the city`s outskirts."In these areas we will increase patrolling and will organize raids on criminals…this will lead to a decrease of crimes." The number of police personnel increased slightly and the migration to other parts of the country is terminated.

Last year they installed 5 cctv cameras placed into three frequented areas in Debrecen. Mayor Kósa said that these developments together with the joint operation of the city vigilantes led to an average year as far as public safety is concerned. He said that the city government also has a 5 point plan which they adopted at their meeting.

The General Assembly has requested to get more officers on the streets of Debrecen. They want to expand the cctv network. By these means they expect to gain greater control of traffic offenses and they can also reduce prostitution in our streets.

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