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Some of this week’s police news from Debrecen.

Tricky thieves
A few days ago a woman reported to the police that an elderly relative of hers had been robbed. The robbers told the old woman they wanted to read the electric meters and entered her flat. Then they diverted the woman’s attention and stole her savings. The police started an investigation.
Man forgets place of parking
On Tuesday night a man called the police and reported that his car had been stolen from the parking lot. The police started to take action. The patrols on duty spotted the missing car near the given parking lot. It turned out that the Suzuki hadn’t been stolen. The owner forgot where he had parked.
Lethal shock
On Tuesday night a 24-year old man had a lethal electric shock in a condominium in Csapó Street. The available data suggests that he was trying to open an electrical distribution box improperly when he had an electric shock. Police inspection didn’t reveal any signs of violence. The Debrecen Police Headquarters is investigating the circumstances of death in an administrative procedure.
Police catch thief
A man was trying to steal a radio from a car when the owner caught him. The thief attacked the owner then fled the scene. The patrols that came to the spot soon caught the man who was hiding in a ruined house. He was taken to the headquarters where he was interrogated as a suspect of misdemeanor theft and misdemeanor vandalism. The man is no stranger to the authorities. Some days ago, he stole a bicycle from Segner Square but was caught by the police soon after that in Derék Street.

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