Cave Bath in Miskolctapolca to Be Closed – 110 People Sent From the City Bath Company

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One hundred and ten people are being dismissed from Miskolci Fürdők Kft. due to high energy prices and inflation, reports

Two baths in the city will close next week, and two are no longer open due to maintenance and renovation work. Due to the increase in energy prices and inflation, the costs of the Miskolctapolca Cave Bath, which is unique in the country, increased so much that the city decided that it should also be closed. The spa will still be open in the first week of October, it will be closed from October 10th. The Selyemrét beach in the eastern part of the city will also not be open from next Monday, both will be closed indefinitely.

According to, two other city baths have already been closed for renovation and maintenance. However, on local and tourist news portals, we read about the closure of only one spa, the Ellipsum Experience Spa, formerly known as the Miskolctapolca Beach Bath, on October 3rd. The company that operates the spas was forced to decide on collective downsizing due to the spa closures: 110 people will be let go. They are already serving their notice period. In response to RTL’s inquiry, the municipality stated that the city offered jobs at member companies to the sent workers, and that the others were being helped to find new jobs as soon as possible. already wrote a few days ago: the city administration announced institution closures and reorganizations affecting the Csodamalom Puppet Theatre, the II. Ferenc Rákóczi County and City Library and the Ottó Herman Museum, with which they want to save one hundred million forints.

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