A Hungarian man has 23 diplomas

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49-year-old Krisztián Kapus, born in Kiskunfélegyháza, already has 23 diplomas. Yet he does not stop accumulating degrees and diplomas, he is currently studying in Szeged – write in the index.hu article.

Krisztián Kapus is driven and encouraged by his desire to learn. He completed his high school studies at the Piarista Gymnázium in Kecskemét and decided that he wanted to be a doctor when he was in the third grade. Back then, he thought he would be satisfied with a degree. A year later, as a graduate, he was more attracted to Hungarian literature and religious education, so he went to Szeged to continue his studies. In the end he did not get his first degree in medicine but graduated in literature and library.

Just two weeks later, he obtained his Catholic education degree by correspondence. Later – also in Szeged, at the József Attila University – he also obtained a degree in computer science.

He currently has 23 diplomas – but he’s not stopping there.

Krisztián Kapus has never been unemployed, he is constantly updating his CV, which is currently 37 pages long.

He said that he is most proud of his doctorate from the University of Pécs, and he can also say that he is a doctor of neuroscience. As for his current work, he deals with communication consulting and adult training. In addition to work, of course, he is also studying, right now in Szeged, and if all goes well, he will soon obtain his next degree, so there will be a total of 24.

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