Next Week May Bring a Lot of Rain


From Monday (1st November) evening, a cold front arrives to Hungary, then on Tuesday a Mediterranean cyclone changes our weather.


During the next few days, we will enjoy beautiful autumn weather, with lots of sunshine. We can measure temperatures between 15-20 degrees during the hottest hours. However, by late Monday afternoon, a cold front reaches the western border, which almost explodes into the country: in the evening, around 8:00 p.m., it can disrupt the cemetery ceremonies along the border, with heavy rain. It may even turn to be a thunderstorm in the northwest.

On Tuesday, the precipitation zone of a Mediterranean cyclone will determine our weather, due to which we can prepare for significant (over 5mm) rain all over the country. According to the weather forecast, in Transdanubia and the Great Plain we can expect 15-30mm rainfall.


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