Weather Alerts Issued Due to Sleet


Until midnight, weather alerts have been issued in the southern and eastern part of the country due to sleet.


On Tuesday we can expect cloudy, gloomy, in some places humid and foggy weather during the day.

In the southwest, drizzle and rain may occur during the day. Southeast winds remain weak, moderate. Temperature will be ​​between -10 and -1 in the morning and -1 and +4 during the day. Warming starts in the middle of the week, on Wednesday and Thursday the peaks can be between 1 and 10 degrees, we can expect higher values ​​in Transdanubia and the south. On Wednesday, mainly on Thursday, rain and showers are expected in Transdanubia, but on Wednesday there may be snow and sleet in the north. The wind can be strong in some places. On New Year’s Eve, mild weather may arrive in the western half / two-thirds of the country with maxima of 10-15 degrees. On the east, gloomier, wetter weather is expected with persistent fog spots, rain in some places, and temperatures can rise to 1-9 degrees in the afternoon.

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