Mávinform: Trains Ran With Delay on the Budapest-Újszász-Szolnok Line Due to Stones Placed on the Tracks


At Rákoshegy, stones and tree branches were placed on the tracks. The train going from Sülysáp to the Keleti railway station passed through them and stopped on the open track – Mávinform reported on the railway company’s website on Sunday evening.

According to the available information, no one was injured in the incident, the passengers were transferred to another train.

It was announced: trains run on only one track between Rákos and Rákoshegy, so several evening trains on the Budapest-Újszász-Szolnok line ran with 10-15, sometimes 15-20 minutes delay. The train departing from Sülysáp to Keleti railway station at 20:54 is was running, they added.


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