Second Degree Weather Alert Issued Because of Thunderstorms


Due to the risk of severe thunderstorms, the National Meteorological Service issued a second-degree (orange) weather alert for some parts in southern Hungary.

According to the danger signal, in some districts of Bács-Kiskun, Csongrád-Csanád and Békés counties, more intense thunderstorms can be expected, in addition to lightning, the wind and hail accompanying the thunderstorms are also a risk. Violent thunderstorms are also likely, accompanied by damaging winds of up to 90 kilometers per hour and large ice. Fast-moving thunderstorm systems may also form, which can cause damaging gusts of wind mostly in the Great Plain. The precipitation zone will wave back on Sunday morning.

During the day on Sunday, thunderstorms are expected mainly east of the Danube, which may be accompanied by downpours, gusts of wind and hail. The atmosphere only starts to calm down on Sunday night. A large amount of precipitation is expected in the eastern part of Transdanubia and in the central part of the country. Most of the rain is expected along a southwest-northeast axis, approximately in the wide band between Pécs and Salgótarján. The amount of precipitation in this band can be estimated between 15 and 45 millimeters on both days, but locally it can fall much more, up to 60-70 millimeters.

Attention was also drawn to the fact that in the western and northwestern half of Transdanubia, as well as in the northeast, the northerly wind will strengthen, there may be stormy gusts in places, and the wind is expected to moderate only towards Sunday evening. The National Disaster Management Directorate recommends that where strong winds are expected, garden furniture, tools, and small potted plants should be moved to a covered area, and motorists should preferably not park under trees. If someone is caught in a storm while driving, slow down or, if possible, stop until the severe thunderstorm passes. They ask that if anyone sees a person in trouble or a downed power line, call 112.


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