Second Level Weather Alert Issued Due to the Danger of Sleet


Due to the risk of sleet, the National Meteorological Service has issued a second-degree (orange) warning for the counties of Zala, Somogy and Baranya for Sunday.


In their danger signal delivered to MTI on Saturday, they wrote that on Saturday, drifting snow and sleet may occur in Transdanubia, and then in the second half of the night, an extensive precipitation zone will arrive from the west, which will gradually move eastward on Sunday and move down in the evening. While snow is mainly expected in the north-eastern and northern parts of the country, snow and rain are becoming more typical further south, but mainly in the early morning hours in Transdanubia, and mainly in the southern and western half of the country, temporary sleet is also likely. Due to the danger of long-lasting sleet lasting several hours, a second-level weather alert was issued for Sunday in the counties of Baranya, Somogy and Zala.




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