Partying Safely is the Aim of the Campus Festival

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Measures to promote safe entertainment in connection with the Campus Festival were presented at a press conference by Diána Széles, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen, Juhász Béla Szilárd, President of the Lelkierő Fiatalon a Fiatalokért Association and Péter Miklósvölgyi, President of the Campus Festival Festival Director on 18th July 2023.

As Diána Széles, among others, said, in the spirit of the idea of a caring city, the Municipality of Debrecen has been contributing with its own resources to the Campus Festival participants feel safe and secure. The city and the organisers and helpers are working together to ensure that this continues to be the case, and that this event is truly about having fun.

Diána Széles underlined that the primary and biggest responsibility of course lies with the parents who let their children come to the festival. They must prepare them for the fact that young people should never leave anyone in their company alone, and if they do drink alcohol, they should in moderation and responsibly, and they also have to ensure that they do not become dehydrated.

The harm reduction tent set up at the Campus Festival is part of the Be Free project, under the triple motto “Friends, Party, Safety” – said Szilárd Béla Juhász, President of the Association for Youth on Youth with Spiritual Strength. The festival
security staff already know where the harm reduction tent is, and they can quickly escort those in need of assistance.

Last year, during the four days of the festival, 82 festival-goers were helped in the harm reduction tent, and only one of these required help by the ambulance.

Béla Szilárd Juhász underlined that the Campus Festival has never been a place where people use illegal drugs. They do their best
to prevent drugs from entering the event area. In order to do this, NGOs are also trying to prevent illegal drugs from entering the event.

They also mentioned that during the years, the Campus Festival has become not only a gathering of friends, but also a reunions of classes and grades, family reunions, reunions of relatives and friends across the country or even across borders.

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