Dismembered victim


Surprising turn in the Nyil street murder case: the missing lady was dismembered by the 34years old murder.

He confessed that he killed the 67 years old lady for her money and values, then dismembered her and
put the parts in public litter bins. The remains of the older lady can no longer be collected due to current
litter dissolution system. There has been no murder case which such brutality in Debrecen in recent years.
That was the reason of the involvement of the Attorney General"s Office.

Mrs Karaszi"s dissappearance was reported by the 34 years old suspect. Later police officers found out that
this man killed the 67 years old owner. He admitted the killing, but told nothiung about the other murder.
The reason was that he was gaming and drinkingcausing him serious money problems. He took paintings
and jewelry worth less than a 300 000 forints and around 100 000forint cash from the two apartements.

Because of the particular cruelty of the murders he can be sentenced for life imprisonment.


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