Conversion of Main Road No. 52 Into a Four-Lane-Road Has Begun in Kecskemét

With about 4.2 billion forints from the state, high main road no. way 52 in Kecskemét will be expanded to a four-lane-road, and certain wide sections of the road will be renovated and modernized; the investment is carried out by Hazai Építőgép Társulás Zrt. on behalf of the National Infrastructure Zrt. (NIF).

The storm caused serious damage in Baranya, Tolna and Bács-Kiskun counties

After Baranya county, the storm also caused serious damage in Tolna and Bács-Kiskun counties: forty from Baranya, fifty from Bács-Kiskun, and twenty-five reports from Tolna by night. In the last two counties, firefighters from Baja and Bátaszék were most often called, mainly to trees leaning on power lines and roads, to broken roofs. In Bátaszék, […]