LMP: Today ‘Dark Day’ in Post-1990 Hungarian Politics

National University

The opposition LMP party has branded Tuesday — the day the government is asking lawmakers to approve a bill seeking to transfer various state assets to private foundations — as a “dark day” in post-1989/90 Hungarian politics.


László Lóránt Keresztes, LMP’s group leader, noted MPs are scheduled to vote to “outsource” about 1,000 billion forints (EUR 2.75bn) in public assets and to bring “almost all” of Hungarian higher education under political control via foundations that, he said the ruling Fidesz party planned to control. The LMP politician also slammed a move to import “a Chinese Communist Party university” to Hungary, putting Hungary even further into China’s debt. “Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is … proud to make decisions contrary to Hungarian national interests,” he added. Some of Europe’s best universities are state-maintained, Keresztes said, adding that placing Hungarian institutions under private foundations would harm their autonomy. Hungary’s opposition parties, he said, agreed on restoring universities and outsourced public property restored to the state should they win the 2022 general election.




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